Beer-battered aubergine

plantOur little vegetable garden is now producing a crop of these beautiful, shiny, purple-black aubergines.
This evening I have made one of Iaia’s best summer supper-table dishes, dark-rimmed eggplant slices in crisp beer batter. They’re great hot or cool, very easy to cook, and two medium-sized aubergines makes enough for a platter of about 20 slices.

What you need:ingredients
Aubergine (eggplant)
A glass of very cold beer
Plain flour (or tempura flour if you wish)
Oil for frying (I use olive for flavour)

What you do:
Slice and salt the aubergines, leaving them to leech out their sliced1excesses for about half an hour. Pat dry and set aside. Pop a couple of centimetres of oil into a wide, deep frying pan and start heating it up so that it is perfectly hot by the time you have battered.

Pour your glass of beer into a bowl and add the flour andbatter a healthy pinch of salt, mixing it all to a gently fizzing, thick, paint-like texture. Make sure you don’t add too much flour at a go or you will have to add a whole litre of beer and then there will be a veritable bog of batter left over. Yes. I speak from experience.

Your oil should be pretty warm by cookinnow –
drop a tiny bit of batter in and if it sizzles satisfactorily you are ready to go. I use tongs to dip the aubergine slices into the batter and coat them well. Drain off a little mixture before transferring to the hot oil. Cook for a two to three minutes depending on how thickly you sliced the fruit, then flip over with care and give them another minute or two. Remove to a paper-clad plate for draining and continue until all of the eggplant is beautifully battered and fried.


Serve with: Beer and whatever else is on your supper table – ensaladilla rusa, sardines, esgarraet

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